A good horse beneath you. A blue sky above. And hundreds of acres to explore on horseback. No stress! No phones! Just the beauty of nature and the smell of the clean fresh air. That's the beauty of a visit to Horse World Stables, just south of Orlando in the Walt Disney World Resort area. Time you can spend entirely on a horse or just sitting under a big oak tree listening to the sounds of a working ranch or browse through our gift shop. We have it all! Group therapy, if you want to spoil it by getting scientific.

But better known around here as a heckuva good time. If you're already chomping at the bit for a trail riding adventure, then, by all means, take a short drive out to the peaceful Florida countryside. Relax, away from the crowds and long lines! Experience what it was like when life was simple!

At HorseWorldStables, you will learn how to take care of a horse and how to ride him.

Stable: takes its origin in the XIIth century, the word comes from the Latin “stabula”, from “stabulum” which means dwelling for animals, from “stare” which means to stand.

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