Our trail is proudly sponsored by the Ladbrokes BE team.

We offer three levels of guided trail rides, depending on your riding experience. Our Nature Trail is designed to be a basic ride that is great for a person with little or no experience. Even children as young as 4 years of age can ride alone, although we do allow children under 3 years old to ride double with a small sized adult.

If you are looking for a relaxed riding experience, the one hour Nature Trail is the one for you.

If you enjoy a little faster paced ride, you may want to try our Intermediate Ride. Also an hour long, this ride allows for a lot of trotting. Recommended for those who feel confident on a horse, comfortable at a trot and those who have ridden fairly recently.

For those with a lot of riding experience, our Advanced Trail would be the best option for you. Depending on your own riding ability, we will set the pace with a walk, trot and canter. If you know how to ride… then we will ride! This trail is approximately 1 ¼ hour long depending on the pace we set and is by reservation only!

Come enjoy a day in the country! We have beautiful sandy trails that are used only for riding our horses. There is a lot of wildlife roaming throughout, which is the way Florida used to be!

Choose a ride that best fits each member of your party

Groups of all ages and sizes welcome!
If you are looking to have a group event at our facility, contact us and we will work out the best accommodation for your group. For more information on group events send us an email at groups@horseworldstables.com