In this industry, many trail riding stables have a reputation of over working and under feeding their horses, not to mention the lack of necessary medical care. We set out to avoid that perception by rescuing neglected, abused and troubled horses as part of our daily operation. Once they arrive at our facility, we begin the process of bringing them back to life with the love, care and medical attention that they so desperately need. We spare no cost or effort when it comes to our horses.

Over the years, our ranch has taken on many new, fresh looks as a part of our continued upgrades. We have added new barns, paddocks, fences and a lot of new trails but nothing could have prepared us for the “ultimate remodeler”…. Hurricane Charley!!

On August 13, 2004, “Charley” hit Central Florida with sustained winds of over 100 miles per hour. The eye of the storm passed within 5 miles of our ranch, bringing with it many, very destructive tornados. We lost almost all of our buildings and fences, including our home. The face of our stable and family was changed forever. Luckily, by the grace of God, none of our horses received even a scratch!

We had to immediately dry our tears and start the rebuilding process…..again! Six days later, we reopened to begin trail riding once again, while much of the clean-up was still underway.

We remain focused on continuous expansion and improvement of our business. We are committed to preserving our land and the nature that lives on it.

It is our hope that our stable will remain part of our family for many years to come so that families will continue to have a place to come to enjoy the wonderful experience of horse riding through the natural areas of Florida, as it once was.

Please visit us in the near future and we hope that you enjoy our attached photo gallery.